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Congin's Pizza - Chardon, OH

Congin's Pizza Upcoming Vacation Hours:



Tuesday July 23rd


Tuesday July 30th


Wednesday July 31st 11:00A.M.


Congin's Pizza - Chardon, OH

Phone: (440) 286-1260

104 South Street
Chardon, Ohio 44024

Congin’s is proud to call Chardon home!

When you're craving pizza and wondering, "What's the best pizza in Chardon?" - look no further! Our pizzeria offers a mouthwatering selection of pizzas just around the corner.

Chardon is situated within Geauga County, known for its scenic landscapes, rural charm, and proximity to nature. It's a part of Northeast Ohio, offering a beautiful mix of rolling hills, woodlands, and serene lakes. The city has a rich history dating back to the early 19th century. It has preserved its historic character, evident in its downtown area with quaint shops and historic architecture.

Chardon, located 35 miles east of downtown Cleveland, is known as the hub of Ohio's maple syrup industry and the state's snowbelt. It is home to the Geauga County Maple Festival, which commemorates the rich history of the locally produced product every year. The community takes pride in being able to operate efficiently in challenging weather conditions, as the area receives an average of 105 inches of snow annually.
Congin’s is the preferred pizza chain for Chardon High School that has a strong academic and athletic tradition.

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